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If you find yourself creating (and re-creating) the same user-loser people and circumstances in your life, I can help you.

Perhaps you have come across some of them in your journey or you may still have one or more of these people (or situations) in your life.

● The person that thinks everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) is about him or her

● The people that never listen

● The one that is so charming and charismatic until you cross them or simply disagree with them. (Think Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde)

● The boss that expects you to work 60+ hours a week, calls you on holidays and weekends but only pays for 40 hours a week.

● The co-worker or colleague that steals your ideas or takes credit for your work

● The significant other or family member that is not able to recognize healthy boundaries even as they are tromping all over them in size 18 boots.

● The person that is “gaslighting” you. They cause you to doubt your sanity by manipulating you with mind games. (Have they told you that you are crazy lately?)

● The one that is mean, cruel, dishonest, or highly manipulative who constantly criticizes you or puts you down to make sure you are perfectly clear just how superior they are to you.

● The person that is never happy unless you are constantly praising them, admiring them, doting on them, giving your attention to them ALL the time.

● The one that feels entitled to have and to use all of you and everything you have in life (your time, your energy, your body, your money, your attention, your reputation, etc.)

● The person that has absolutely no qualms about using you, your friends, your family…anyone…at any time…for any reason that suits them.

It can be so frustrating and discouraging to deal with these types of people and situations.

It can drain you completely.

It doesn’t have to.

There is a good life waiting for you on the other side of these people and circumstances.

Here’s the deal, if you:

Want to Develop & Maintain Boundaries

that are strong and healthy so that you can relax and enjoy your life

Need to take back your power

and be able to make good, happy choices that work for you and your life

Are tired of being at the effect of people

with narcissistic tendencies or who are just plain self-centered, mean, or oblivious to your needs or desires

Wish to develop the ability to communicate

with difficult people in a way that is clear and effective

Improve or develop relationships

with others that are healthy and fulfilling

I would love to work with you.
It would be my honor and my great joy to help you.


Izabella Siodmak

Angelique is strong, clear and direct. You need that in a facilitator or coach in order to truly move forward. Her expertise on relationship dynamics and ways to improve communication is powerful and beneficial. You also feel supported by Angelique’s compassion and ability to truly hear you as well as extract the real meaning of what’s going on at the core and to support you to be more empowered than ever. She is a rare gem.

Izabella SiodmakRetreat Facilitator, Authorhttp://www.naturalattitudes.com
Joanne Thompson

No matter what I am feeling or experiencing on a particular day I can always trust that I will be fully and completely received, loved and accepted by Angelique, without judgement or criticism, from a place of total love and allowance for who I AM.  Her loving presence and  abundance of life experience, knowledge and insight provides a supportive, loving space that allows me to more fully access my own inner wisdom and guidance. I leave each of our conversations feeling affirmed, inspired and with increased confidence and self awareness. As a result I am able to move forward in my life from a place of greater clarity and personal power.

Joanne Thompson
Alan Bliss

Angelique’s understanding of the unhealthy dynamics between the users and those they prey upon goes deep into the very root causes. Before she spoke to me about narcissists and the complex ways they prey upon and manipulate others, I was completely unaware of that reality. I was in the dark. Her words flipped the switch on and I became aware. Just a single 4-hr session prepared me for future encounters with such people. Sure enough when they came after me again, I could see who they are and what they wanted to do to me. If it wasn’t for Angelique, I would have fallen for that trap.

Alan Bliss